The Most special weekend of the year 2018

We believe that the truly special thing about Pesach is how it manages to be both traditional — we read the same story that our ancestors have been reciting for millennia — and personal, with each of us making the Seder our own by incorporating our own interpretations and interests into the timeless tale of … Meer lezen over The Most special weekend of the year 2018


Jeshuaists, Carrying the name of Christ

October 31, 1517 is seen by many as the beginning of the Protestant Reform. Martin Luther in any case succeeded in opening the way for the ordinary people to read the Bible in their own language and to discover which unbiblical doctrines the Roman Catholic Church tried to pinpoint people. The devote Jew Saul came to know the importance of the names of the rebbe Jeshua and his God and took care that those names became known all over the world. Up to today there are people who want those names to be know all over the world. Jeshuaists proclaim the Good News brought by Jeshua the Messiah who every body should come to know as the Way to God.