Invitation to Jeshuaism

Everyone knows Judaism and Christianity and to a lesser extent Christendom. In Christendom one encounters a lot of Trinitarian Christians while Christianity should be a bundle of non-Trinitarian or unitary Christians (or unitarians), it is to say, followers of Jeshua the Christ and his God, Who is an Eternal Omniscient Highly Almighty Spirit that no human being can behold or see.

In this world where the Elohim receives little attention, there are still people who choose not to follow the world, but rather to do the Will of God. They want to pay more attention to what the Bible really says and not just believe what people say the Bible would say and Scripturally can not be proven.

Those who choose to follow the Biblical doctrine and prefer to use the Scriptures as a guide to life, as well as to worship only One True God and serve in a covenant with the People whom God has chosen, can join the Jeshuaists.

As believers in God who want to give the Nazarene rebbe the full honour he should enjoy, Jeshuaists are the link between the Jewish people who want to see the Messiah in him, and the goyim, or non-Jews, who want to unite under that great Jewish master to be part of the Body of Christ in fraternal unity.
That is why all those who are not satisfied with their church community, because there pagan things happen, or because they do not live according to the example of Christ, are invited to unite in a group that wants to bear witness to the Lamb of God, Jeshua (Yeshua) the Messiah, thanks to whom we enjoy salvation.