My faith

With the assumption of the title Jeshuaist, I indicate that I am a real follower of the Nazarene Great Master Teacher Jeshua (Yeshua).

Being a follower of Jeshua or Jesus Christ means that I love to keep his doctrines and also to worship the same God as he did.

First and foremost, before one can be a worthy follower of someone, one has to put emunah or faith in him and trust that he can offer you something that can increase your knowledge. That is why I also put the full trust in that man of flesh and blood that was born in Bethlehem in 4BCE.

I believe that this man, who came first from the mother’s womb of Miriam (Mary), was the long awaited promised solution to the kelahah or curse of chet (or sin) and curse of mavet (or death). Because that man, brought up by his worldly parents, belonged to an Essene family, which was very devout, he received a profound upbringing according to Jewish traditions. Jeshua (or Jesus) adhered to those Jewish high days and did not just put them aside. We must take this into account.

Long before Jeshua came into the world, the Elohim Hashem had given the Law that is also known as the Torat Moshe (or Mosaic Law). Many think that this has just been nullified, but Jeshua has come to accomplish this Law and to bring us under a HaBrit HaChadasha (or New Covenant), which we must adhere to.

I believe that we must also abide by the claims that God has made and must comply with Jeshua’s requests to maintain those laws of God with its mitzvot (or commandments),  and to love the people around us. But it goes beyond our fellow man. We must fully respect all creation, man, animal and plant. I believe that we have received the earth on loan and have to take care of it

No Good Deed
No Good Deed (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Even though we are placed here or allowed to stay on earth, this does not mean that we just can do as we like. I believe that as Jeshua did not do his will, we must also try to do the Will of God as the Great Teacher has shown us. Even though that will not always be easy. But I also count on the Help from God for this. The Supreme Being is ready to help those people who believe in Him and want to rely on Him.

In order to come under God’s guard we must also give ourselves to Him and give Him the respect that He deserves. To this end, the Elohim demands complete devotion and we must recognize that besides Him no other gods may be glorified or worshiped.

I am convinced that that belief in only one True God is essential to achieving a good relationship with the Supreme Being.

As Jeshua has been able to withstand many requests or temptations, we too must spiritually arm ourselves against those who want to take us away from God. The anti-Christian and opposers of God (the HaSatan or Satan) are all around us, but through regular study of the separate-placed or Holy Scriptures or the Dvar Hashem (Word of God), we can arm ourselves against it.

In that bundle of prophetic, poetic and admonishing books, together forming the Bible (or the collection of the infallible Words of God), we can find sufficient material to get to know God and to know what to do. I believe that the Holy Scripture is the infallible Word of God that we must adhere to. That Book of Books must be our guideline throughout our life.

As a Guide to life one finds in it how ra’ah or evil came into being and why we are still suffering. I believe that Jeshua is the tool to deliver us from that evil. He has given his life for all the wrongdoing of the people (sinning). I am convinced that the Elohim has accepted Jeshua his ransom and that we can now live on that korban or sacrifice.

I also believe that Jeshua was raised from the dead after death, by the Power of God and that the Elohim has exalted him and taken him up into heaven to sit next to Him as a mediator between Him and us.

Now that we have an interpreter in heaven we can also unite under him and as participants in that Body of Christ, I believe we must come together in havurah or fellowship and to bring kaddish or praise to God. As brothers and sisters in Christ, we must form one community that radiates the love of Christ and the love of God.

In and with that faith, I would also like to further clarify my beliefs on this site and further explore and discuss the Bible.

I also believe that if people want to go out together they go much further than alone, and that is why I believe that if you want to come along with me and go on a voyage of discovery to share in the faith, we can enrich each other.
Hoping for the best. For I am also convinced that even though we all have to die and go to aphar or dust and ashes, there will come a time when Jeshua will return to judge the living and the dead and then those who have lived according to God’s will, to let them go through the narrow gate to the Kingdom of God.

With that perspective I look forward to the return of Jeshua and look forward to better times where eternal peace and happiness will surround us.