Policy of the Jeshuaists

Jeshuaists for the world

Jeshuaists or Yeshuaists are followers of the Nazarene rebbe Jeshua, known by many as Jesus Christ. As true followers of this great teacher and storyteller, Jeshuaists or Yeshuans try to put his teachings into practice and make them known to others, but without forcing them on others.
The practices that Jeshuaists wish to adhere to is inspired by both the Torah, the Aseret HaDibrot (Decalogue or Ten Words or Commandments), the Dvar HaElohim or Word of God, but also the Dvar HaMoshiach or the Word of Jeshua the Messiah, supplemented with the word of his talmidim or disciples.
We do not feel at all bound by human teachings and therefore refrain from being bound by ecclesiastical or human doctrines or rules that would go against the regulations of the Eleyon the Supreme Elohim. The only commitment that makes us obligated is the commitment to the Elohim Hashem Jehovah Tsabaoth, who is above everything and everyone. United under the flagship of Bnei Yisroel or Israel the People of God, Am Segullah or Chosen People, we sense the need to watch and prepare together for the return of the Meshiach or Messiah.
In that preparation is also the observance of Jeshua’s commandment or commission to Besuras HaGeulah to ensure the progress of the gospel or the Good News through the careful and frequent proclamation of those Good Tidings.

For several years, Jewish followers of Jeshua all over the world have become aware that there are Jehudiem or Jews scattered all over the world who accept and also want to follow Jeshua as the Messiah. A big problem that Jewish followers of Jeshua (Yeshua), Jeshuaists, had been found that if they tried to testify about their faith, they faced considerable opposition and persecution. It was noticeable that in the eyes of the regular Jewish community a Jewish follower of Jeshua (or follower of Jesus) was no longer considered Jewish.
Jewish followers of Jeshua or Jesus were and are viewed as converts or “meshummad or apostates” who had given up or even betrayed their Jewishness and accepted a foreign religion. There was simply no common understanding within the Jewish community that a Jewish person could believe in Jeshua or Jesus and still remain a Jew.
It was striking that many Jews thought or still think that those Jews who accept Jeshua as Messiah have switched to the faith of the Christians whereby a false Trinity would be worshipped. Many Jews do not see or want not to understand that one can follow Jeshua and yet can keep believing in and worshipping The Only One True God, the God of Abraham.

In Christian circles, we experience several times that we are not wanted because for many of them Jesus is part of the Holy Trinity and that when  ap person does not believe Jesus is God they say he or she cannot be a Christian and commits sacrilege by not accepting Jesus Christ as God.

Because of the negative attitude of Jews and Christians towards our Messianic or Hebrew Christian movement as well as the resistance of certain Arab and Islamic groups, many of our societies are under strong pressure and most choose to stay in the ilum shem or anoniymiyut (anonymity) as well. Who knows, that will one day change, but 2016-2019 have been years in which an awful lot of violence was used against our fellow believers, which forced us to be cautious and even made some flee Europe.

What Jeshuaists Do

Jeshuaists do not fail to declare here and there the Word of God and the Good Message of hope of Christ and let it sprout. Jeshua had given his followers the task of going out into the world to proclaim the Good News. Jeshuaists thus also regard this as a major task.
Although many Jeshuaists want to remain anonymous, they dare to contribute to the spread of the Messianic Message through contemporary means.

Spread around the World

We can see that all over the world there are now hundreds of Messianic congregations where Jewish believers can express their Jewish identity, celebrate the Jewish festivals as fulfilled in Jeshua, and thus play a less marginalized role in the Jewish community.
For the time being, the current Messianic Jewish generation has yet to play a role as a pioneer.
But wherever we live we must realize that someone will eventually have to pave the way for a new generation of Jewish believers in Jeshua to have this experience that gives us intense assurance of an impending time and hope for an assured future.

To be ready

As followers of Jeshua, it is also in our promise to follow Jeshua to make him known to others. Therefore, we must not give up in order to make known his works or deeds and to encourage others to get to know this special man better.
In order to make this Messiah known, we would like to show the necessary patience and approach others in all discretion to induce them to further investigate the Biblical Truth themselves. We pledge never to remain silent when people ask us to talk about our faith.
In this way, we will be willing to respond to the hope of our calling and be willing to share what we believe with anyone who wants to hear it. We see such a thing as our responsibility.
Yet we recognize that there is a difference between answering questions and trying to convert another to our understanding and practice.
Therefore, we assume that we cannot, or that we will not, make any effort to evangelize, support or defend the Jewish people if they take steps that are against the Torah or God’s Commandment. For example, nationalism and fundamentalism will not belong to members of our community.
Even though we view Jerusalem as the capital of the Promised Land, we realize that it is God who determines when that Promised Land will become a reality and when the entire world will become part of the Kingdom of God, so that we do not have to be specifically in Israel today, to live in order to be a resident of God’s Kingdom.
We are convinced that where one is allowed to live as a Jew or as a non-Jew and is firm in the belief in only one God, one can also be included as a Child of God in the Kingdom of God in a dignified life according to God’s Norms.