Welcome to English speaking readers

Shalom on this mainly Dutch site.

Here you will find some messages, mainly composed in the Dutch language,  that should be considered as supplementary to the Jeshuaists site: Jeshua-ists.
I would like you to refer to there to find the most messages from several writers who, like me, consider themselves to be a follower of the great Nazarene Jewish teacher Jeshua (Yeshua), better known by many as Jesus Christ.

Mainly composed in the Dutch-language, this has not to mean articles in English would be excluded. I have the impression there are already loads of blogs in the English language covering the subject of the Nazarene rebbe Jeshua in their articles, but perhaps not enough ones concerning the relationship of Jewish people and non-Jewish people who accepted Jeshua or Jesus Christ as their Messiah.

Status van het Nederlands in verschillende gebieden. – Status of Dutch in different areas. ██ (black) Moedertaal (Lage Landen & Suriname) – Mother tongue (Low Countries & Suriname) ██ (dark blue) Officieel (administratief) – Officially (administrative) ██ (light blue) Moedertaal en tweede taal (niet officieel, excl. Afrikaans in ZA) – Mother tongue and second language (not official, excluding Afrikaans in SA) ██ (green) Immigrantentaal (Ook in Canada en Duitsland) – Immigrant language (Also in Canada and Germany)

Published from the Flemish part of Belgium I hope to reach out from this area to all those who speak Dutch or a West Germanic language or speak a language related to the one spoken in the Netherlands and Belgium, and thus understanding this language. I hope also to be able to welcome South African speakers as readers. In addition to the small 23 million people who have Dutch as their first language in Europe, I also hope to receive visitors from all over the world and those who use it as an official language; of the Caribbean (AU) countries of Aruba, Curaçao and Saint Maarten, and the minority groups in Indonesia, as well as the more than half a million speakers in the United States, Canada and Australia, to offer them some reading pleasure.

Hopefully, the provided messages on this site will also attract enough readers to return to this site in the future.

In general, however, you will need to consider this site as an addendum or attachment to the main site of the Jeshua-ists, where you will be able to find English-language and othet language texts on several topics that concern us as followers of Jeshua (Yeshua).

This blog I started on Thursday 10th August of 2017, Or Le Yom Hey, 18 Aviv 5777, allowing me to develop it according to the interest I can observe with readers who come here and on the group site. (So you never know if there can come more English articles here as well.)


In case you have questions, it might well be the replies may trigger some articles in your language too.


Hope to find you as a reader on Jeshua-ists but also on From Guestwriters, where you also can find other articles in Dutch as well as in English by me and my Jeshuaist brethren and sisters.


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