Soon it shall be Erev Pesach and Passover 2019

Tuesday, Nissan 4, 5779 · April 9, 2019

Soon we shall find ourselves in the most important period of the year.
As every year in in the early spring we shall celebrate the eight-day festival of Passover, with the openings-eve Erev Pesach of 14 Nisan, going from the 15th through the 22nd of the Hebrew month of Nissan, April 19 – April 27, 2019.

Passover (Pesach) commemorates the emancipation of the Israelites from slavery in ancient Egypt but for all followers of the Nazarene rebbe Jeshua it is the chag or festival we remember the master offering himself as a Lamb of God, making it possible this time for goyim also being able to be liberated from the slavery of man and from the chains of death.

These days we prepare ourselves “to be clean” or being “purified” to present ourselves to the Most High Elohim in our humble state, giving ourselves as children to Him, making clear that we belong to Him and not to this world.

We acknowledge that man rebelled against their Bore, for no reason, instead of showing respect to the Divine Creator and showing thankfulness. In the Gan Eden the Most High Elohim provided a solution for the curse of death.

At all times there have been people who preferred to live according the traditions of the world. They love to follow the world. But at the same time we always could find people who preferred to follow God and His recommendations and legal acts, His Mitzvot.

Throughout the year those that want to live according to God’s Law, take time to read His Word which also brings the history of mankind. In that Book of books we also find the great story of the exodus from Egypt. Particular these days we shall give a lot of attention to that story around Moshe and the people God wanted to guide through the Red sea and the dessert.

Sometimes we may feel also to be slave in this world and are looking for liberation of the tangles and thorns of this world. Often we ensnare in the ways of living of this corrupt world. But the Most High demands to look for the light and to make sure that whatever decision is taken, it always shall be in accordance to His Law.

We may find us often in a clutter, having people around us who want to disarrange us. When taking hold of that book of books we can manage not to become ensnared or enmeshed. By watching at what those ancient people did we can find examples of what to do and what not to do.

Today we may find right now the food is rotting and people are starving because of bureaucratic tangles. But going back nearly two thousands years we can find a man of flesh and blood who could and did make an end to the snares of this world. To be freed he just asked to believe in him and to follow him. Those who were willing to follow him could be called “followers of Jeshua” or “Jeshuaists“. And for them these coming days are very special, because the one whom they love(d) at the erev Pesach told what was going to come, and that he would be taken prisoner and brought before court to be impaled. His followers at that time could not believe their ears and got very worried, certainly when they were told one of them was going to betray their master.

How is it today? You should know there are still people who betray that master teacher. they may say they love and follow him. Though they have made him into their god and do not worship the God that he worshipped. They even do not follow up the tasks this master teacher had given his talmidim and wanted to see his followers doing also.

For those who recognise what that Nazarene man of flesh and blood has done for mankind, putting his  own will aside to do the Will of God, 14 Nisan is such a special day we all come together to remember that peculiar night when Jeshua had his Last Supper and told about a New Covenant made between him and the Most High which was and is an arrangement for all those who want to step into that covenant.

The sent one from God had done everything he could to show people the way to God, his heavenly Father. He had told about the eternal Being Who has no beginning (no birth) and no end (no death) and warned about the death we and him had to face. For him that moment of death was near, but for others it could still be far in the future. But we all, as human beings have to face death. Though what would happen with us after death was going to change for those who were willing to trust God and His sent one, who provided the solution against death.

When Jeshua in the upper room took the Betzi’at halechem he gave the example of what we should also do until the end of times and even after. By breaking the bread he showed them the symbolic act we have to repeat as often as we can. (Not just once a year like some assume.) Naturally the yearly remembrance gathering or memorial Meal is the most important day of the year where we show our thankfulness to the Most High Elohim.

  • Passover 2019 will be celebrated from April 19 – April 27.
  • The first Seder will be on April 19 after nightfall, and the second Seder will be on April 20 after nightfall.
  • Passover is celebrated by eating matzah (unleaven bread) and maror (bitter herbs).
  • For the duration of the 8 (or 7 days in Israel) of Passover, chametz (leaven) is strictly avoided.


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