From nothingness to a growing group of followers of Jeshua 5 What’s in a name

In 26 CE out of the blue there seemed to come a man of flesh and blood who wanted to be baptised by his cousin, before starting his public life. When he was baptised there happened something very special. Out of the skies there came a voice, which people could hear and could make them … Lees verder From nothingness to a growing group of followers of Jeshua 5 What’s in a name


From nothingness to a growing group of followers of Jeshua 4 Trusting the Right One

Throughout the ages the Adonai kept caring for His people and calling everybody to come close to Him, worshipping Him alone. To stop the people aiming to come at the same height as Him He baffled their language and told them not to trust in deceptive words and false gods. He also warned them to look forward to a saviour and an offerlamb, greater than all their sacrifices of things that belonged already to God.

High recognitions . . . . All of the Light of the Universe

Often we are asked to proof there is a Divine Creator. Lots of times people want to see proof for the existence of God. They forget that every day, every moment, God is around and gives the world signs of His existence, of His Being Here!

Let us look around us and let us show the presence of God in all those beautiful things around every person in this world.


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“All of the Light of the Universe has its origin in the almighty Love of God,
our Creator! This heavenly Love reigns from a very remote distance! Never will
we, human beings, the smallest of our kind, behold the face of heavenly love! We
see the Sun, however, and its resplendent ruler! Sunlight is a reflection of
heavenly love! We live and breathe in this reflection! May we remain worthy so
that the Light of Love never abandons us!”

Text & image source: Garden of Illumination

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